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What is a RFID Chip and what do they look like

The first thing that you must know is that most RFID chips don't look alike. Since there are many uses for RFID chips already they have changed appearance from RFID applications to RFID solutions that you can think of.

In RFID tags for E-Zpass toll booths they are contained inside that little box that is on your windshield. If you were to look on a pallet at Wal-mart they would look totally different. Most RFID chips are a little bigger than your average postage stamp and just as boring looking too. Let me see if I can describe this in layman terms. They are square little tin things that look very similar to the little silver tape that they use on your windows at home for security alarms. The inside of the chip contains a little antenna that becomes active when it passes through an electronic magnetic field.

The RFID chips that they are testing in the medical field look like a grain of rice. Like I was saying these chips will not all look alike at all. The more advanced RFID solutions gets the more shapes and sizes the chips will come in. If every emergency room had a reader installed in the doorway and you had a chip inside you the doctors would have your whole medical history right in front of them. You can read more about these chips made by Verichip.

In the very near future RFID will be used to track drugs in pharmacies. Drug makers can make sure their drugs end up in the right hands and not out in the streets as they could punch a few keystrokes and know exactly where the medicine is. There is just no limit to what RFID can be used for. Some other places that you might see a RFID chip or tags are library books, kids school books, child id tags, military tags, the list just goes on and on and when we find out about other applications we will write about them right here.

One RFID application that will will probably be hearing about the most is when they start using RFID tags on containers on cargo ships. If you want to see what a RFID tag looks like Visit Java.Sun.com here. The site also explains in detail all about the chips functions.

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