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RFID company, who makes RFID solutions

The most asked question we get on this site is what companies make RFID solutions. Between people that want to buy stock in RFID companies to store owners that want to purchase the technology themselves for tracking inventory. It is by far our most asked question.

We thought we would provide you with a list of some of the major companies in the RFID field. Don't be offended if your company isn't on the list as more and more are in the upstart phase as we are making this list

Enjoy investing in these stocks or in buying RFID for your business!

Because RFID is a new technology as we are writing this there are many companies that are popping up and saying they can handle jobs installing RFID technology. Do some research before you make a commitment to a purchase.

The lesser known companies might save you a few bucks but they lack the expertise that a better well known company can provide. The better companies will take the time to explain all the different RFID nuances to you as they want your business long term.

Most major companies and the United States Department of Defense look to Wal-mart as the expert as they researched RFID more than anybody.