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RFID Reader How do they work anyway

The first thing everyone wants to know is how do RFID readers work anyway. This subject is way to technical to the average reader so I will just say that you must read through our site to get a better jest of RFID

When I made this site I didn't want it to become too technical. I wanted the average person off the street to be able to understand it. As the technology advanced it has become a little harder to explain in layman's terms exactly what RFID is to some extent. Basically The RFID reader will scan the RFID tag and read the information that is stored on the RFID chip inside. Or in some cases the Reader will read the chip itself as it is not stored inside a tag. 

Some examples of this are easy to explain a RFID tag that you use for paying tolls or filling up the car with gas are

  • EZ Pass
  • Mobile Speedpass

The reader would scan that tag from a distance of as much as 12 feet (ex. tolls) and get the information stored on it. As the tag enters the magnetic field supplied by the reader the antenna in the chip will send back the information that is stored on the chip to the reader.

It is that simple, for more information on RFID see our articles page.