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RFID Technology - What is a RFID solution anyway?

Everyone wants to know what RFID Technology is and let me tell you it is kind of hard to explain it. The technical aspects of it and how it quite works is simply amazing.

In the future using satellite technology these so called RFID smart cards can track anything that they are placed on or in for that matter. They trace these smart cards wherever they are placed. It will only be a matter of time before they start making these tags so small that they will practically hard to find. If I have you worried you are not alone there is some concern among privacy groups right now.

Maybe they will start putting RFID in new boats inside the fiberglass where they can't be seen very easily. I am sure that would stop boats from being stolen or at least slow down boat thefts by a huge percentage. They could be a standard thing built into automobiles also for that matter. Imagine a world with no cars being stolen. They can also trace where police cars are also at all times and send the closest police car to find the stolen car within minutes. Just thinking of the ripple effects of that are astounding. Insurance rates would (yeah right) drop big time. Is low jack a RFID tag? Even I am not sure.

Like I said RFID technology will change the world or at least make it a little different. In which way good or bad it is to be seen. You can read all about different RFID articles here.

As of this writing you can find RFID tags in every day things. Odds are you passed a RFID tag in your travels at the

  • Gas Pump
  • Toll Bridge

There are many other places that RFID is being used you can read all about it on our sites articles pages.